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Our videos and a Poll!

Yo guys! I rock rockishly! Btw, I’m HocusPocus. Guess what? So I don’t have 2 tell u and put it in post everytime we make a new vid, I’ll just post it here and Polls! So first here’s a : On the Comments Tell me who the coolest BFK on this website. Here are your choices: Bobby, Duck, Dewey, HocusPocus, or Izzie!

So.. yeah! Okay, here’s one of the videos called Feet: Here’s one called Hihi! : Here’s one called Underwater Trickz: Here’s one called imitations of celebrities- dumb hannah montana edition: Here’s one called Several Attempts of Rapping: Here’s one called Happy Birthday: Here’s one called Amo with Bob: Here’s a really dumb one called Hairdo: Here’s one called Floam trick: Here’s one called HocusPocus and Dewey Fitzgerald: Here’s one called Lollipops: Here’s one called hi: Here’s one called Alakazam!!!!!! Starring Hocus Pocus, Abracadabra, Alakazam: Here’s one called Fruit N’ Makin: Here’s one called Hawaii: Here’s one called Happy Puppet Corner:
Love, or rather Watch Now!



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  1. * SAsammygirl says:

    U have a lot of video’s… 😯 k! For real bye.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago

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