Hocus Pocus and Bobby’s Blog – Sometimes Featuring Duck and Dewey

Uhm, goodbye(: thanks for everything.

Soo, it’s been like a year. Me & “Bobby” have grown up, but we’re still friends & all.

“He” was at my house today, & we were looking over all the stuff we had done on the last few summers. At first, we were planning to make a YouTube video, but we wanted to start fresh and not do requests. We couldn’t think of anything to make a video about, and we were calling people and we just kind of got caught up in our own lives. Talking about different things, gossiping about people, just kindaa catching up. We didn’t really get to do that during the year. We did this website and posted videos from third to fifth grade. We stopped the website before the summer between fourth and fifth (last summer.) Then we just did videos. I’m not sure if we’re going to do either anymore, though.

As I was saying, we’ve definitely grown up from when we were doing these type of things. When we were looking over our requests and videos and posts and pages from a while ago, we were (well atleast I was,) embarassed, sort of frustrated I guess, and thinking “How did we come up with this stuff? This is so random & lame.” hahaha! Well it’s not like we’re totally self concious (sp?) and not crazy; you can ask any of our friends. We’re definitely *still* crazy, but I’ve learned (and I’m pretty sure Bobby’s also learned,) that anything we post is on the Internet…anyone can see it. Teachers, friends, enemies, killers, stalkers, liars, saints, angels, ANYONE! And honestly, there are many people that I would not like to see these videos or posts.

So, that brings me to what I would like to do with this site (: I want to preserve it? I guess that’s the best way to put it. I want to keep this on, but I’d like people to know, that we were absolutely CRAZY and NOT THINKING when we posted this stuff. But there are WAY too many memories, and things that we went through when we were constantly updating this website, getting into it, making it become popular with friends, strangers, people who just thought we were crazy, and then eventually growing out of it. We have had way too many fun times, things to reflect back on, and time to kill. It’s not like we’re uhm, UNcrazy on the Internet. I mean, if I know you, add me on Facebook & you can see my “crazy Internet side,” hahah. (: But if anyone’s actually reading this, please PLEASE comment.

Me and “Bobby” and “Dewey” and and “Duck” and “Bobbers”/Grace, are still friends. We just grew out of this website. We grew up, matured?, did our own stuff, made new friends, etc. We’re not that small group that we used to be, now we have our own separate groups of friends and we’re distant friends. We still keep in touch. This post was not supposed to be so, uhm, cheesy and loooong 🙂 I just wanted to say bye, and not have this blog end with a hasty post from me saying “hey guys, i wont b posting in a couple days. bye.” I wanted you guys to have an explanation, even though no one really reads this, hahah. I want to keep writing, and if me and “Bobby” start another blog or something like that, I’ll post it on here, at the end of this post. I really appreciate you guys reading this, and keeping up with this blog. I’m so happy with our fans, and the progress that we made over the two-ish years that we’ve gone through with this blog.

Okay, thanks for reading, thanks for the memories.

❤ “Hocus Pocus”

For the future:

(here are the things that me and “Bobby” are doing at the moment, if you would like to check them out.)


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