Hocus Pocus and Bobby’s Blog – Sometimes Featuring Duck and Dewey

This is it.

Hey guys,

It’s been a LONG time since I posted. And probably the last time.

It’s been two-three years since me and Hocus started the HocusPocushatesAbraCadabra thing, and I just want to say it’s been one of the funnest, weirdest, LAMEST ;), and memory-filled years in my life. I will definetly look back someday at this and laugh, thinking about all the fun things that me and HP have done while we were little kids.

But right now, me and HP feel that we’ve outgrown this blog, and have decided to “move on” in our lives. In a way, the blog has helped us grow, and learn, in ways that are undescribable. It’s hard to end this blog after everything that’s happened on it. We both are different than when we were in fourth grade. We’re more grown up. We have different feelings on things (ex. Hannah Montana/Zannah Bontana ;D).

I just want to thank everyone that has commented on our blog, participated in the contests, watched our videos, even trash our blog :P. And the words for when breaksups happen: “Really, it’s not you, it’s me,” apply here. It’s not the blog’s fault we’re growing up.

We will mis y’all so much. But I guess the memories we will never ever forget.

Thanks for the two-three years of amazing-ness.

And so now, I say these parting words: Good bye.


P.S. no matter what’s happening, remember this: BANANAS ALWAYS ROCK!

P.P.S. Check out Hocus’ post below.


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