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Hey Guys!

I haven’t wrote that much lately because I got to miss the last two days of school to go on CRUISE!!! Whoo Hoo!!!! But it wasn’t that fun though, at least probably not as much fun as should’ve been. You see, there was this HUGE fog on Thurs, you know that HP because u had to go to school. Anyway, So the HUGE fog was like, so big that the ship had to stop because they could’ve hit something. So the ship was delayed, like, 5 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and they also had to clean all the room, which was another 5 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!! So it was suppose to arrive at 8am, and then everyone was suppose to get off at ten am, and then they were suppose to finish the cleaning at 1pm, and then we were suppose to get on at 2pm, but then we had that STUPID HUGE FOG!!!! that ruined EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and so basically the ship got off at 5:30PM, and everyone left at 6:00PM, and then we had to wait another five hours for them to clean the rooms, and then at 11:00PM, we all had these zones, (mine was 11) and they were starting to call the zones to get on the ship. And so we were pretty much the VERY LAST ONES!!! And the rooms were kinda cramped, but that wasn’t as bad as the last full day, you see, there was a BUNCH of wind that afternoon, and the ship was rocking SO MUCH!!! seriously! pretty much everybody was seasick and so pretty much all we did the last day was lay in bed and throw up!

Wasn’t that just a wonderful cruise ride?

Oh yeah, don’t forget the four hour drive to there! with NOTHING TO DO AT ALL!

Isn’t this picture lovely?:

shipBobby the happy monkey to be on dry firm land that doesn’t make people THROW UP!


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  1. haha. so ur back. i’ll call u 2day. then we GOT 2 do the request.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 5 months ago

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