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Cubefield Cheats

First of all, if you’re here for cubefield cheats they’ll come in this post. so just wait. but first : if you didn’t c my comment – This is what i said b cuz I missed the baby shower:

I missed Mrs. Berrios’ baby shower! No fair! I wanted to come! You know that piece of paper we had to fill out (winks) I put for advice:

He’ll get frustrated if you don’t change his diaper. Do it very often.

And for a little parenting tip:

Please don’t drop the baby. He won’t like it. It will not be fun for him or you.

It was SO funny. But then Sheila copied me on both of them. And it was MY idea. (

Anyway, so if you’re here for CubeField Cheats, click on Continue.

Cubefield Cheats

I’m going to make a page – you know one of those tabs at the top, that says – Cubefield Cheats l8er. So here’s some that I know here, and if u guys like them and want more, I’ll make the page.

  • There’s a little gap on the first curve thing, right before it goes completely straight and then curves, you can slip out of that little gap if you have the right timing.
  • This isn’t a cheat but just a little tip: Do not move unless a block is coming at you, you’ll get a lot farther.
  • At some websites if you press the space bar you can go through the blocks, but on most websites, if you press the space bar turning right or left, you’ll go through the blocks.
  • After you slip out of that gap (the first cheat) and you press the right arrow key at the right time, you’ll just keep going and going, skipping through all the levels.

If you want more, you’ll have to comment and then I’ll make the page.



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    i already knew

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    i already knew those give more weirdo

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