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Guess what? I’m going on a cruise to Cozemel in 2 weeks! (actually its 1 week and 5 days)

Anyway, it’s a Carnival one, and we have a ocean side view room. I wanted a penthouse suite, IT IS HUGE!!!!!!!!!! But my parents said it would cost too much, like 20000000000000000 dollars per person each night. But the ocean side view thing is pretty good, kinda small, but oh well. WE have bunk beds, so I wanted to sleep on the top. I’ve never slept on a bunk bed, can you believe that? When i was small, my parents thought that i would fall off (worrisome!) but now i can finally sleep on top of a bunk bed. YAY! i guess…

So anyway again, we’re going to Cozumel. which is somewhere in Mexico. we get to miss school for 2 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!Awesomeness even more! but the last two days are actually fun because its all parties and stuff.

-Bobby 🙂

Note from HocusPocus: I went on the Carnival Cruise 2 years ago! It was SO much fun! You can choose diff activities to do one day, like Submarine, or Ancient Ruins Tour, or what I did: Swimming with Dolphins! It’s so much fun! You get to ride the dolphin. There’s two groups, 13+ Dolphin Riding, 8+ Dolphin Riding/Family Dolphin Riding. We did 8+. It was a lot of fun! But the toliets don’t smell too good if you get what I’m saying. 😦 Anyway, It’s a lot of fun and their French Fries are THE BEST! Bobby, I repeat Bobby – Eat the French Fries THEY R THE BEST! ESPECIALLY WHEN HOT!



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