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today was our second to last day before thnxgiving, and so we had our special visitors day thingy, and it was so boring! first they read this story about “memories” and then people share their special memory with their special person to the class, and i basically fell asleep!!!! and so also i just wanna say that we had a surprise baby shower for our teacher, Mrs. Berrios. and we had cake, lemonade, and she got to open her presents, they were just like a bunch of baby stuff, blankets, outfits, bibs, towels, that kind of stuff. And so I’m not doing anything for thnxgiving, when down there, Hp said that he was in atlanta, (which is the capitol of Georgia) so he’s not here right now. But I’m pretty sure Dewey’s not going anywhere out of the state (unless hes going to panama, thats where his grandparents live.) So like, yeah,




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  1. I missed Mrs. Berrios’ baby shower! No fair! I wanted to come! You know that piece of paper we had to fill out (winks) I put for advice:

    He’ll get frustrated if you don’t change his diaper. Do it very often.

    And for a little parenting tip:

    Please don’t drop the baby. He won’t like it. It will not be fun for him or you.

    It was SO funny. But then Sheila copied me on both of them. And it was MY idea. 😦

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 5 months ago

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