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Today was so cool. I’ll tell you why.

In our school we have Fun Fridays, and we get to cut our last class short if we didn’t

get 3 slip-ups.

(If you do something wrong you get a slip of paper called a slip-up. Ex: I forgot my


Anyway, people call it Funky Friday, and dress up really bizarre. I was ALL green today!

Green shirt and green leggings! I also got a haircut yesterday, which kind of made my

hair less poofy.

I got a lot of compliments, and people say I look like Rihanna!

Sooo, now for the Fifth Grade talent show, me and my friends are doing celebrity

impersonations – Hannah Montana, and Rihanna (I’m Rihanna!)

Anyway – I’m gonna sing badly to Disturbia, while Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus

are doing a sing-off. Awesome, right? Ya.

I sat by this really obnoxious dude, and now we switched seats and now I sit by a really nice girl who is my


AND we had a math quiz today, but i feel pretty confident, and I have no homework. Instead of singing for

Music, we watched a animusic video! Anyway, I’m going to express my happiness.





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