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Random Post from the Middle of Nowhere

For school, were in this book club, and we have to finish this book in five weeks. But the bad thing is, is that my teacher thinks that I’m a good reader, so she put me in the hardest group, and so we have to read 2 books in 5 weeks. I have to read 35 pages in a day!!!! other people are basically just reading 5 pages a day so it really sucks!

anyway I’m reading this book called the City of Ember ( that’s the book that we have to read ) and surprisingly it’s pretty good. The second book is called the people of Sparks. and that sounds pretty good too. Anyway. now i am going to randomize it by typing random letters

skdigjreiriwoljnfowjrnfrrefnewefnewkjneoidn wdfdksldnnreiwn  enfkelwkenfeje jeias f wa  s vwiw ifeoinvgieow  indmivoidnvieoirnviroirnvirosinrbvirosinrbirosnkd dkdlswomjnkofekidkfiiei dkdkdkeekfdocoeaaa wlekjfneknf

it means that i’m about to say Good bye and also say -Bobby the awesomest monkey and then also say hey it actually worked


-Bobby the awesomest monkey

Hey it actually worked!


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