Hocus Pocus and Bobby’s Blog – Sometimes Featuring Duck and Dewey

Live Oak!!!

Okay, this is Bobby and I have some awesome news that I forgot to tell you guys.
first, my mom went to live oak and left me alone for 2 days!!!! HP’s mom did the same thing, and also Dewey, Duck, Abra Cadabra (unfortunately), Lizzie, Izzie (also unfortunately), and Kittie (also also unfortunately). Anyway, while they were gone, we threw this huge party at HP’s house and it was wild and crazy with loud music and a punch table and all that. So when our mom’s came back, they got all mad at us. But still, it was awesome!!!!!! Then my mom told me all about Live Oak and now I want to go there too! It’s so cool!!!! With different courses! And really good food! (I bet they had cherries, yum!)
So live Oak is AWESOME!!!!!!!! So was the PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Bobby the awesome monkey who wished he was at Live Oak

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