Hocus Pocus and Bobby’s Blog – Sometimes Featuring Duck and Dewey


Bobby here.

Guess what? I just got the new and improved



(Bobby saved this as a draft but I’m publishing it to surprise him… I don’t know what he got that’s new and improved, though. But I also wanna tell you something about him from the perspective of Bobby

– HocusPocus  🙂


So it’s me Bobby, (NOT, it’s HocusPocus – but pretend I’m Bobby) and I feel like torturing my friends for the next year. I’m gonna bring 2 packs of gum on the bus, and not give any away.. only eat it myself. Except, I might give one to that girl Rave, cuz she always gives out stuff to me. I also might give them out to girls like Alex, and Rave, sometimes even Sant, of course i’ll PRETEND I’m throwing it up in the air and seeing who can catch it, but i’ll purposely throw in their direction. But I WON’T give it to Dewey, or HocusPocus, OR Duck, b cuz I wanna torture them to death, cuz I’m mean like that. Okay bye! Now you can start hating me and organizing angry mobs, and riots, with needles and fire, and try to kill me! : )



bobby – i’m badddd



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