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Insult Contest Winners!

Hello Again! As you all know, we had an insult contest a couple weeks ago. We got 3 entries

1. You are a rotten duck-billed platypus with a pacifier in you mouth floating down the river in a box that says PLEASE DESTROY! – Grace

2. You’re a big hideous package of dirty underwear and that smells like a wet goat. – Bobby

3. Yo momma so fat when they showed her a picture of her feet, she couldn’t identify them. Yo momma so fat when she swims in the ocean the whales sing we are family! – Bryn

So, our entries were really great, and I have decided to give a second place prize, too. The second prize prize will be a free virtual pet of his or her choice. It was really hard to choose which insult was best, but I’d have to say..

Grace! Grace is the 1st place winner! Whoo Hoo!!!

And Second Place: Bobby! WHOO!

Coming Soon.. Grace’s interview, and her 4 virtual pets, 1 non living pet, and Bobby’s 1 virtual pet!



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  1. * SAsammygirl says:

    can we have another insult contest?! ❓ I WOULD SOOOO WIN!!!! No offense…

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 9 months ago

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