Hocus Pocus and Bobby’s Blog – Sometimes Featuring Duck and Dewey

Aah! Yeah!!

I’m SO excited! In 5 days is my mom’s birthday, and we’re getting her a Wii! That means I can play her Wii whenever I want. My grandma and grandpa already said they had to “go out for preparation of something” Hooray! I really want a Wii! I’ve been nagging them to get me one, and my mom wants one, too. Well, actually she wants one because she’s only 9 (turning 10) and I was adopted in a keychain shop, ’cause I’m a keychain, and my mom and I both said that we’d share it with each other if either of us got a Wii! I’m so happy! My mom’s pretty cool.. considering she’s like a year older than moi. Okay.. BYE!!


I can’t wait for 08/20 – my mom’s bday!


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