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: # AND Chaya!

Do you know what this means? It’s a smiley with the eyes of a collen :  and the mouth #  do you know what it is? No! It’s not SOMEONE swearing! Gosh! Why would I of all people make up a smileyface like that? Huh? Anyway, it’s a person with their mouth moving SO fast, saying SO many words, that all you can see is a #! So ha! Okay. Yeah.

I’m bored. As usual. Whatever. I can’t wait to get home. I’m missing Bobby, my grandpa ( he lives with me.. i miss him!!!) and Chaya. Have you met Chaya? Oh, I didn’t introduce you to him. Chaya was away in China for 2 months and just came back, while I’m here in Boston. Boo! Chaya’s really awesome. I talked to him on the phone the other day. It was so cool ’cause I haven’t talked to him all summer. Chaya isn’t a BFK. He’s a human gone wrong. He.. well, he has this problem, his mom made a mistake.. sort of. Basically, by accident when he was a baby, his mom dropped him down the washing machine and didn’t realize he was gone. When his mom took out the laundry she found a shrunken baby. He was unconcious. They took him to the hospital and once the doctor got him back to normal, he said ” You know, you’re supposed to wash him with cold water. Otherwise – well, he shrank!” So now Chaya’s my size, and everything’s okay now. ; -)




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