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Boring Woman

Oh man. I have to go to some boring lady’s house today. My uncle told me they were boring. Then he said he was going out to his friend’s house so he could miss the boring lady’s house. No fair. My uncle is 18. He can drive to his friend’s houses. Poop. i will have nothing to do.  i have to bring my math workbook my mom says. i don’t wanna. i don’t wanna go. i really don’t. plz convince my mom i don’t have to go. plz? plz plz? i don’t even KNOW this lady. Neither does my mom, i don’t think. If she does she didn’t tell me. i don’t know why. we’re just going to her house because she invited our cousins and uncles (WHICH AREN’T COMING!) and aunts AND great grand peeps, and ALSO my grandpeeps. not us. but since we’re here we have to come too. so, OH MAN!!  i can’t believe my uncle isn’t coming, i’m cooler than him, AND i have to go. HELP ME!

I’ll update later.

i don’t wanna gooooooo!, hocuspocus


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  1. poop, i have to go wash my face for the boring lady’s house! u know, my mom doesn’t wanna go either. bye….. help!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago

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