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HP and HP (harry potter spoiler)

              Look who’s bored. Oh I don’t know, me? HocusPocus? HP? I just thought of something. Harry Potter has the same initials than me. HP = me, HP = Harry Potter! Ooh, I wonder if you can tell me another HP. Ohmygosh! This means I can go tell people I am HP, they’ll think I’m Harry Potter in the form of a monkey BigFootKeychain and I’ll be totally famous! Everyone will give me respect and be MY servant. I’m soooo excited! Yeah! Whoo Hoo! Here’s what I did!

  • I. killed. Voldemort. oh yeah oh yeah!
  • I killed a basilisk! Oh yea Oh yeaaa!
  • I defeated dementors! oh yes oh yes!
  • I am the monkey who lived! Hooray Hooraaaay!
  • I escaped from Voldemort in the fourth boooook!
  • I helped Sirius Black escape! How much better than you am I? 100% ! Hahahahahaha!
  • I got away from You – Know – Who! Awesome!
  • I destroyed a diary! Oh YEA!
  • I made Lucius Malfoy drop my prophecy, and I fought death eaters, AND I helped form the DA to do it. HOOORAY!
  • I found a horcrux, and Dumbledore died in front of my faaaace. Uh huh, Uh huuuuh!
  • And as I said, I KILLED VOLDEMORT!
  • Y’know what else? I am made of paper, and I ain’t real! In your faaace! Oh BURN!

Wait, this means i’m sooo awesome I should draw a lighting scar on my face, and bobby should be ron, izzie should be ginny, dewey should be hermione, abracadabra could be voldemort, duck should come back to life and be dumbledore who also came back to life, and Lizzie should be Snape, and I am Harry Potter! DA DA DUH! Okay, maybe in our next video we can be in the form of Harry Potter characters. Cool!


HocusPocus/Harry Potter


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