Hocus Pocus and Bobby’s Blog – Sometimes Featuring Duck and Dewey


My story so far..

Hi, it’s Duck. I’m dead right now and waiting for my friends to save me. Something tells me that they will, i just know it. RIght now I’m working on my Idead laptop, one of the benefits of being dead! You get high-speed internet. It’s weird. You know what heaven looks like? The shower.. it isn’t fun! You know how I died? My mom always tells the story very simple, but I know the detailed version.

One day me and my mom went to the mountains. It was a HUGE LONG ride there. We got out of the car and walked around for a bit, but then we decided to sit down by the tip of the mountain. My mom announced she had to use the bathroom and it was a long distance from where we were then so she told me to wait outside of the bathroom. Standing up, I slipped on a puddle of some kid’s vomit or something with little chunks in it, and fell, hanging on the tip of the mountain. My mom saw me and rushed to the tip, she tried pulling me upward but she really had to go to the bathroom.. well long story short – she peed on me, the pee made my hands slippery, and I fell. The End

Believe it or not, even though heaven does look like a shower it doesn’t have any running water .i.e. It’s still on my hands, and now I’m getting it all over the computer keys.

Well, I’m going to send HocusPocus an email.. BYE! DuckInDisguise!!!


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