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NFPWIKRNSA! or NoticeForPeopleWhoIKnowRightNowSoonActually! (pronounced NuhFuhPwickRenSa!)

OK, My NFPWIKARNSA is DO NOT PUT YOUR LAST NAME IN COMMENTS!!! You can put your first name, but NOT your last name, don’t forget, this is the internet! DA DA DUH! I had one commenter by the name Emma, who included her last name, also da da duh!!! Also I had one named Grace, who didn’t include her last name, GO GRACE! And one named natalie who commented and didn’t include her last name. Go Natalie! ( i would do her name in capitals 2 but i do not know her! ) Even if it asks for ur last name, either leave it blank, or do something like “lalalalalalalalala!” I do that a lot! If it says (REQUIRED) by your last name, sometimes it works if u put nothing in the blank, but i am not fairly sure.


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