Hocus Pocus and Bobby’s Blog – Sometimes Featuring Duck and Dewey

I want a Wii! S’NOFAIR! ( i got that from Eoin Colfer.)

Yo wazz’ up? Actually, I know wazz’ up.

This post is for people where their friends get Wiis and they’re still saving up for one,

or their parents won’t buy one for them until they’re birthday, and their birthday is

2-5 months away.

Bobby. Got. A. Wii. No. Fair. I. Want. One.

HocusPocus Here!I don’t get it! Life is SO


I’m getting one for my birthday, I think, cause

I’ll have enough.

My great grandparents give me 100 dollars for

my bday, so i’ll have enough by then! also,

bobby can’t invite me over because he only

has 1 dumb controller.

(i didn’t mean that, poor controller!)

he’s ordering another but it’ll be here in a

couple weeks!

what if 1 of ur best friends

orders a wii, invites u over ahead of time, but

then forgets to order

the other controller?

how would u feel? huh?

also he’s ordering wii

play! i think he might b rich.

(jk!) ok well.. i want a wii.. so BYE!



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