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Deutschland Rox!!!

hey dudes,

hp here and my grampa, otherwise known as my mom’s (AM – her initials) dad, had a business trip to Germany or what they call it here, Deutschland. so, we came along with my aunt, grandma, mom, alakazam, and ugh – ABRACADABRA! That low life, unsophisiticated, totally cool brat! bY CoOl i MEan..  Constipated Overrated Out of Fashion Loser!!  She has been asking for everything, this bikini, that dress, ooh I want a souvenir, BLA BLA BLA! My mom didn’t even say the usual ” Now Hocus, be nice.” We got delayed for so many hours! I can’t count, well I don’t go to school, my mom taught me how to talk, and was adopted in an orphanage with all the other BfKs, called the SCHOOL STORE, at some mall called FTE. So I couldn’t count any way, but back 2 delay. My mom added the hours up and it was 9 hours and 15 minutes! we were delayed for 5 hrs on our 8 hr flight from NYC to London! mom says thats 13 hrs!!! Also my mom and evry1 else has been wearing the same clothes for 5 days because their luggage has been lost. They’re getting everything new! S’NOFAIR! (IT’S NOT FAIR) Of course I have not been wearing the same clothes for 5 days because I don’t wear clothes, or I’m always naked, uh.. disturbing, srry.

new segment called:  wOrDs rOcK HeRe!!!: I have a new segment, words rock here and until I leave from Germany, I will keep doing it. Each post i write until I leave here, I’ll give you a word in German or Deutsch and then tell you what it is! Here’s the first one : Achterdeck, guess what it is..


POOP!! Yeah



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