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YO! I GOT BACK FROM INDIA!!! my mom HAD to take me their it was like some kind “good experience” or “historical education” even though I’d rather be Hangin out with Bobby Dewey and Duck! The thing is, how could it be a good experience if  I couldn’t understand what they were saying half the time??? IT’S crazy ! But… my cousins were nice or rather totally awesome DUDES!!! We even got to World 8 on my DS at NEW SUPER MARIO BROS. and if they’re out there looking at this, I want to tell them that I’ve kept playing but I can’t beat that GIANT GREEN CASTLE it’s soooooo hard!!!! So I’m gonna go search the Internet for some cheats on that level and you have fun reading the rest of the posts.

BYE!!! Hocus Pocus in Hizz’ House ( that sounds lame doesn’t it?)


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