Hocus Pocus and Bobby’s Blog – Sometimes Featuring Duck and Dewey

Okay, so Abracadabra…

Abracadabra is my evil sister. But, lately she’s been turning out… OK. She even agreed when I wanted to do a GHOST THEME for our birthday party.Here’s the link to it: Party Invite

Read that before you read this paragraph.

Anee-way, so Dewey is going to do most with me, some with Abracadabra, and Bobby has been a little down lately, he hasn’t said ANYTHING to us since last Friday, and today his mysterious cousin showed up. You see, me and Dewey think he’s mad because we were poking fun at him the other day. Telling him that he had a big head and tiny, stringy feet, while we had big feet, and tiny heads. He always makes fun of us so ha! AND he’s being a hypocrite! BIG WORD HUH? It’s sooo much fun to say: HyP – O – Crite , 3 syllables! Yea!

Love, or rather, Peace Out!

Hocus Pocus hates Abracadabra


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